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Surgery to Fix Gummy Smile

Surgery to Fix Gummy SmileA gummy smile comes with high social and emotional costs. You may have considered surgery to fix gummy smile in the past, but hesitated because you believed that it would be too expensive or too complicated. Maybe you even thought that such a surgery did not exist, or that it could not help a gummy smile as severe as yours. Our gummy smile surgeon offers a treatment that is tailored to your specific case of gummy smile, providing lasting and effective results even if you have sought treatment for a gummy smile before without success.

The procedure is not a single procedure that promises to fix every case of gummy smile. Instead, it is a collection of treatments that our gummy smile surgeon can use to remedy a patient's gummy smile.

The process for fix gummy smile begins with a consultation with our gummy smile dentist. First, our gummy smile surgeon examines your teeth and takes images of your jaw. The examination helps our gummy smile dentist determine the cause or multiple causes of your gummy smile. Once our gummy smile surgeon has uncovered the cause of your gummy smile, he will create a treatment plan that is customized for your needs. Our gummy smile dentist will explain the treatment plan step by step so you know exactly what to expect before, during, and after each phase of treatment.

There is no way to know which treatment or treatments you need to fix your gummy smile without the consultation. One surgery to fix gummy smile performed by our gummy smile surgeon is trimming back the jaw line to shorten the gum line. He could also reposition the lip to prevent it from sliding back as far when the patient smiles. Some patients only need one procedure and others require multiple procedures to bring their smile into balance.

Call our gummy smile surgeon's office to schedule your complimentary consultation and to learn more about surgery to fix gummy smile. Our gummy smile dentist and his staff of skilled, highly trained dental professionals are happy to meet with new patients, including patients who have attempted a gummy smile treatment with another cosmetic dentist.