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Gummy Smile Fix Cost

Gummy Smile Fix CostLiving with a gummy smile comes with high social and emotional costs. You may hesitate to smile in social situations, or even avoid social situations as much as possible to help hide your embarrassing gummy smile. When you are hiding your smile, you are not living your life to its fullest. However, you may have hesitated to fix your gummy smile because of the gummy smile fix cost.

Our gummy smile dentist has over 20 years of experience with fixing gummy smiles, and over 25 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry. Long ago, he recognized that the simple treatments that most dentists offered to fix gummy smiles were not effective for every case of gummy smile. As a result, he developed his gummy smile procedure. The procedure is not a single technique for fixing gummy smiles. Instead, it is an arsenal of procedures that our gummy smile surgeon can use, depending on the cause or causes of the patient's gummy smile.

The gummy smile fix cost varies according to the type and number of treatments that the patient needs. To determine the procedures that the patient requires, our gummy smile dentist conducts a preliminary examination during the initial consultation. During this examination, our gummy smile surgeon looks at the teeth and jaw and takes images to determine the cause or the causes of the patient's gummy smile. Once our gummy smile dentist has uncovered the source of the gummy smile, he develops a treatment plan that is customized for the patient. Our gummy smile surgeon explains this treatment plan step by step, and answers any questions that the patient might have.

After the consultation, our gummy smile dentist helpful staff will break down the gummy smile fix cost for the patient. The initial consultation is free, allowing patients to learn about the procedures they will need and the gummy smile fix cost with no obligation. Should the patient decide to go through with the procedure, financing options are offered to split the cost of the procedure into manageable payments.

Call our gummy smile surgeon's office to schedule your consultation. Our gummy smile dentist is glad to meet with new patients as well as existing patients to help them achieve the radiant, well-balanced smile that they deserve.